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QTE junior technicians present successful project thesis at Oskar-von-Miller school


On 19. 11. the Oskar-von-Miller schools’ future graduates presented their project thesis’ in subjects as building systems technology, energy technology and process automation. They outlined a variety of projects from programming technique to operating systems, network technology, building systems technology, control engineering and automation.

With them were three promising technicians-to-be specifying in the field of energy and process automation who established a promising  project together with QTE.

Since summer 2015, Maxim Sermyagin, Lars Federau and Marvin Sauthoff have been working on the development of a reliable and expandable control system for the biaxial tracking of solar panels.

The solar tracker’s simulation model has a 1:20 scale and is linked to a large  solar tracker of QTE’s. It can be controlled externally.

„Through this tracker system, the gain of an open area PV-plant increases by 45%.” the three technicians-to-be presented.

In addition to the control system and simulation model, the visualization has to be considered.

“We decided to employ a web-interface here.” says Maxim Sermyagin.

Regarding the controller QTE was able to offer their expert knowledge as control technology specialists with wide experience in renewable energies.

„We as QTE are happy to promote and support such young, promising technicians and to gain a closer connection to potential new employees.” says Thomas Eusterwiemann, general managing director of QTE GmbH.

Junior Technicians present their solar tracker project
Promising technicians-to-be: Marvin Sauthoff, Maxim Sermyagin and Lars Federau

Category: Press releases, 07.01.2016