QTE controllers for hybrid systems – a secured energy supply even without a power grid

If even if there is no sunshine and no wind blowing, the use of regenerative energy systems will be fail-safe and economically controllable with a QTE controller for hybrid systems through the simple on-demand activation of a diesel generator.

The electrical power generation based on fossil fuels can be reduced to an even greater extent, if a storage solution for surplus renewable energy is utilized which is managed by the QTE controller.

Solar, wind, biomass or diesel systems - with or without a storage module - can be optimally combined with each other through the QTE controller in a manner that ensures an extremely economical and constant energy supply with both an on-grid as well as an off-grid system. Even if the energy source changes frequently, your hybrid system will operate without interruptions or the main power grid thanks to the compact and reliable QTE controller.

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  • Consulting for an existing system
  • Planning the system components or adjustments
  • Realization of possible buildings or building extensions

QTE energy hybrid solutions
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